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 "The depictions of the warm Italian countryside in this impressive debut are as authentic and interesting as those of the humble Tam Bram kitchen."

The New Indian Express

Twenty-something investment banker Ayra had always wanted to be an art historian till it occurred to her that art history couldn't possibly support her penchant for beautiful shoes.


One monsoon day, she's sent to Rome on a last-minute assignation with a star client. What should have been a four-day trip turns into a two-week treasure hunt placing her bang in the middle of dodgy vintners and midnight deals, rolling Tuscan hills and a millionaire playboy who’s out to taste more than just the wine.

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Just like wine lovers swear by Chianti, book lovers swear by good language. Even before the plot and situations, Reshma K Barshikar’s words caught my attention. Free flowing, smooth and rich like a good wine.


One & A Half Minutes, Read more here 


At one point I even had tears in my eyes on seeing the condition of Ayra when she lost everything dear to her. But all’s well that ends well. Good fiction with vineyards, travels, lots of wine and some romance.


Ice Candy, Read more here  


the locations , the wine making process and traditions  and the investment details were so beautifully woven into the story that everything was a neat package. Reshma has given a wonderful sense of humor and wit to Arya, sarcasm and charms to Ishaan and so much credibility to the family and friends. I liked Arya's friend super much and some of the conversations reminded me of my bestie. Arya's traditional family and the beauty of their bonds was very warm. I loved Arya's boyfriend as he was the much needed balancing guy in Arya's life. The book kept me smiling and engaged till the last line.

A lot of Pages, Read more here 


I really enjoyed this book. It’s a perfect relaxed read with joviality, romance and trepidation together. If you like rom-coms this is the perfect way to start the year.

The White Scape, Read More Here

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