So many young adults feel threatened by a blank piece of paper, even if it’s staring out of them from a familiar screen. A lifetime of short staccato sentences devoid of structure has left most young adults grappling for words, unable to express even the simplest of emotions or the most vivid of landscapes. At school they are spoon-fed assignments whose strict guidelines afford no creativity and this is why so many of them stumble when they are faced with writing something as simple as a personal college essay, or even a letter.

While most schools and colleges teach writing, a focus on the technical aspects and homework means the joy of playing with language quickly disappears. This workshop introduces children to the basic traits of writing and creates a stress free platform for word play and intrepid expression, while building a discipline of writing craft.


Write what you please, when you please, and how you please. Let the schools teach them the rules, we’ll teach them how to make those rules fun, break a few, and create a culture where the blank page is something that inspires and builds both confidence, and more importantly, a lifelong passion for expression through the written word.


No grades, no wrong answers - just creative writing.

I conduct these workshops on a regular basis at schools, literary festivals and bookstores.Dates are usually up on the website. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you want to keep updated. 

If you would like to organise one in your bookstore, school or festival email me at

Mischief smells like my sister.
Howling tastes of lemons.
This circle feels like a hug.
A star sounds like tattered laughter. 
Out of the mouths of babes with sharpened pencils. First day of The Imagination Workshop 

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The Hidden Imagination.
Jun 14, 2019, 7:00 PM
Soho House Mumbai

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