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So I've been sleeping with Jeff Bridges | the Scribbler

‘No, not tonight darling. I need to sleep with Jeff Bridges,’ I said to my husband before I turned to my phone and pressed play. Then I heard a noise. A husband’s grunt speaks a thousand words; there would be no room in this bed for Jeff tonight. The affair began on the 2nd of February, the Monday after the Superbowl when I typically sit down with my cup of overpriced coffee and stream the ads. Don’t judge me; I know you read Twilight. There he was, the Dude from  The Big Lebowski and an Oscar winning actor chanting someone to sleep with the help of a Tibetan bowl, albeit holding the handle the wrong way or so said hundreds of trolls below the ad. It didn’t matter; he had me at ‘Om’. This is the man who rocked Barbara Streisand to sleep after all. The ad ends with the following URL:  

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